I am filled with it. I did not choose it. Somehow, someway it chose me. I am thankful for it.

Generally speaking I use it to make me feel good. However, there are times, few they may be, that I share it with someone else. Last night at dinner I found myself checking a facebook notification while my daughter ate her carrots dipped in ketchup and hummus. By some divine intervention I put the smart device down and looked at my daughter. The next 10 minutes were special. I read her a book right there at the dinner table while she finished her food. She looked at me, at the pictures, and basked in the delight of it all. I did too.

Now, if I can only share my life like that more often. Maybe I can share it with you the next time we meet. Although it might be weird if I read a copy of “Goodnight Moon” to you.

Here’s to sharing our lives together.

Enjoy your day.

MC Till

In case you have not been following or have not seen the obnoxious pictures with the date 3/11/14 on them, my new album, The Neighborhood, comes out TODAY!

There are a few ways you can pick up this album…

Go to my bandcamp page here ( and follow the prompts.

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Simply respond to this e-mail with your address with the subject line “bill me later” and I will send you the album and e-mail you an invoice along with a very sincere thank you:)



Jon Von Ohlen on drums, Ric Hordinski on guitar, Steve Schmidt on piano, MC (Till) on raps, and Byron House on stand up bass. Photo by Michael Wilson


Dear Friend,

Hip-hop music entered my life when I was about four years old. Maybe five. Maybe six. Anyway, it came on the radio. Somehow my older brother and I heard it. I say somehow because we were so young, only had one small alarm clock radio in the entire house, and Hip-hop was not yet popular in our part of the country. But, somehow we tuned in at just the right time. The University of Evansville, which was only a few blocks away, played Hip-hop once a week. And once a week we would tune in to that station and rejoice. I remember jumping up and down on my mom’s bed listening to this new music called Hip-hop.

My interest and excitement for the music only grew stronger since those nights. To be honest with you I can’t pinpoint the exact reason I’ve been so drawn to Hip-hop over the years or why I am still attracted to it.

Perhaps it is the inspiration I feel when I learn about its origin. It was created by “outcasts.” “Thugs.” Kids with no future. Yes, that’s who created a worldwide phenomenon. It is inspiring every time I think about it.

Or maybe it is the brilliance of the words spoken by modern day griots; young people who see a senseless world around them and paint beautiful aural murals with it.

It could be the fact that Hip-hop has given me the opportunity to travel all across this country with friends and then with my wife. It has opened up doors for me to see places and meet people I otherwise would not have experienced.

I am grateful for all of these reasons. I’m confident they are a part of my intimate attraction to Hip-hop. However, recently I keep coming back to an elementary reason. Enjoyment. I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of Hip-hop in my life. I enjoy making beats. I enjoy writing songs. I enjoy talking with friends about it. I enjoy posting about new Hip-hop music on facebook. I enjoy going to the store and buying new albums (like I did today:).

I enjoy Hip-hop and it has significantly increased the quality of my life since I was like 4, 5, 6… is in the mix. I’m hitin’ them with trip’s – HEADCRACK – time to get the bread black! (Sorry, I had to do it. The two Kool G. Rap fans out there will get that).

To Hip-hop… THANK YOU.

W/ Gratitude,
MC Till.

ps- what do you enjoy?